Normal Header

Normal Header will be having a white or any other color as a background

Transparent Header

Transparent header means that the page content area is merged up into the header, and the background image or video of the content row becomes the background of the header.

Sticky Header

Sticky header is a common pattern for keeping the header of a website or app in the same place on the screen while the user scrolls down the page. A version of this pattern is the partially sticky header, which (re)appears at the top of the page as soon as the user starts scrolling up.

Animated Header

Animated Header is the header that has the animation effects that runs on the background


The reason for that is that we  see the menu as one of the most important elements of every website, navigating the visitors through the site’s variety of pages and content.

Pop up Menu

Pop-up menu is a menu that is hidden and doesn’t appear until you click it.

Horizontal Layout

The menu will be spread out horizontally from left to right or vice versa.

Vertical Layout

For getting the menu to be vertical and go from top to bottom.

Dropdown Layout

Another vertical layout where the submenu drops down like an accordion

Pointers & Animations

By picking a pointer and an animation for the menu, you are able to create over 50 different effects for your hover and active menu items.

Just look at these beauties:

Underline Animations

The underline pointer features 5 animations: Fade, Slide, Grow, Drop in and Drop out.

Framed Animations

The framed pointer include 5 animations: Fade, Grow, Shrink, Draw and Corners.

Overline Animations

Overline includes the same set of 5 animations as the Underline: Fade, Slide, Grow, Drop in and Drop out.

Double Line Animations

Here again, for the double line pointer, we find 5 animations: Fade, Slide, Grow, Drop in and Drop out.

Background Animations

The Background pointer has the most animations. They create a button-like style on active.

The Gif below shows the top 5 animations, but 11 animations are available for this pointer: Fade, Grow, Shrink, Sweep left / right / up / down and Shutter in vertical / out vertical / in horizontal / out horizontal.

Text Animations

The Text pointer only has a text animation effect, great for the minimalistic menu. It includes: Grow, Shrink, Sink, Float, Skew and Rotate.

Sub Menu

The dropdown submenu has gotten the same careful care as the menu did. 

The dropdown icon can be set to be a classic rectangle, chevron, angle, none or plus.

Mobile Dropdown

Left Menu, Right Menu and Center Menu